AS0067 - Silicon Flexible Bowl Scrapper

AS0067 - Silicon Flexible Bowl Scrapper

AS0067 - Silicon Flexible Bowl Scrapper:

MULTIPURPOSE SCRAPER that will cut, slice, scrape, spread, lift or clean the bowl. Wonderful at getting the job done and is an essential tool for all your baking and cooking. The perfect tool for the professional pastry chef or home baker.

NON-RESIDUE SCRAPER you can easily get every last bit of any batter/dough from each bowl without leaving any residue. It is a great go-to-scraper for those no-knead bread recipes. You can manipulate the bread dough easily, it will not stick, and helps move the dough from the bowl or shaping it around. Great for coaxing your dough from banneton baskets into your dutch oven.

FLEXIBLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN allows you to have a firm grip with full control when you are scraping any bowl, and it conforms to any bowl shape.

LIGHTWEIGHT, food-safe flexible plastic that has multiple uses and will fast become your new bake buddy.

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