Martin Braun

Martin Braun

Company & History

More than 85 years of experience, a high rate of innovation and brand recognition of over 90 % in the baking craft, that's the Martin Braun company. We are a leading company in the baking agents and aroma sector.

The Martin Braun KG

The Martin Braun KG was founded in 1931 and has grown to be one of the leading companies in the fields of baking ingredients and flavouring compounds worldwide.

It all started in Berlin, where pastry chef Martin Braun began producing flavouring compounds. Thanks to his hard work and quality products, the assortment kept on growing with great acceptance. After World War II, the headquarters moved to Hannover.
The first export activities to Hungary and the Netherlands started already in the late sixties.
In 1973 the cooperation with the company C. Siebrecht Söhne KG began. Since 1990, Martin Braun is proud to be part of the Oetker-Gruppe. The growth continued and several companies were acquired. Nowadays Martin Braun has subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, Spain, Singapore and Russia.

Martin Braun Gruppe

All companies from the field of Professional baking of the Oetker-Gruppe are consolidated under the name “Martin Braun-Gruppe”.The Martin Braun-Gruppe produces and distributes a complete assortment of convenience products with a focus on sweet and savoury bakery products, bread/rolls, desserts and ice cream for professional application across all applicable sales channels worldwide.

The assortment includes pre-products and convenience products for further commercial processing as well as sweet and spicy frozen dough pastries. Today, the Martin Braun-Gruppe has more than 2,700 employees at 24 European locations and is represented with products in over 70 countries. Excellent product quality based on top ingredients, advanced manufacturing technology as well as high quality in service and consulting have secured the group a leading position in the European market.

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