Icing Tools

Icing Tools

BakersSupplies offers you a wide range in icing tools, all tools that are essential for icings on cakes, cupcakes or any of your baked stuff you will find all here.

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100740 - Heavy Cake Leveler

Cake Leveler Slicer Cutter with Adjustable Wire Heavy Cake Leveler Heavy Cake Leveler - Ma..


100741 Regular Cake Leveler Slicer Cutter with Adjustable Wire

Regular Cake Leveler Slicer Cutter with Adjustable WireCool cake completely before cutting it. If ca..


8 Nozzles Pink Reusable Icing Nozzle Set Small

8 nozzles Pink Reusable Icing Nozzle Set Small, 1 Coupler, 1 Piping Bag.Shop online or visit our out..


AS0020 Bench Scrapper - Wooden Handle - Metal

Bench Scrapper - Wooden Handle - Metal- Blade made of stainless steel; attractive natural wood handl..


B9941 Cake Smoother Profroster

Cake Smoother ProfrosterMaking a cake that is level and has a clean edge is both difficult and time ..


BT011 - Icing Comb Spatula Colored 3pcs Set

Icing Comb Spatula Set Colored 3 pcsVisit our outlet or shop online:http://www.bakerssupplies.pk/..


BT039 - Icing Comb Spatula Set White 3 pcs

>Perfect Icing Comb / Serrated Spatula>Flexible Spatula / Scraper>..


BT041 - Frieling Layer Cutting Ring 9.75" Adjsutable

Layer Cake Cutting Ring 9.75" AdjustableMakes slicing up to eight uniform layers or a standard ..


Cake Pointer - Marking Tool

Cake Pointer - Marking Tool Easily mark the sides of your cake for perfect placement of accents..


DB02 Big Disposable Piping Bag Regular (100 Pcs Pack)

Big Disposable Piping Bag Regular (100 Pcs Pack)Disposable pastry bags are the most sanitary option...


DB04 - Disposable Piping Bag Thick (20 pieces pack)

Disposable Piping Bag Thick (20 Pieces Pack)Disposable pastry bags are the most ..


DB22 - Reusable Piping Bag Silicon

Silicone Reusable Piping BagSize 15"inch Reusable, durable, flexible and practical.Smooth inter..