CDP0118 - 2mm Multi Color Balls Pearls Sprinkles 25gms

CDP0118 - 2mm Multi Color Balls Pearls Sprinkles 25gms

The multi color edible balls is important that deserts should both taste and look good. These edible candies sprinklers are an instant treat to your eyes and taste buds! They will add colour and texture to your cupcakes, cakes, ice creams and other deserts. You can simply sprinkle them on to the desserts or even bake them in the cake batters or cookie dough. A fun, whimsical addition to perk up all your sweet delights.

Eye catching, the vivid colors of these nonpareils will make all your desserts pop. Every day can be party time with stunning cakes and desserts that you make at home, using pure ingredients.

The multi color edible Candies will give a new look to your otherwise normal looking and simple cake or ice-cream. Turn your cupcakes into something magical with these sprinkles mix. The edible sprinkles will help add a dash of fun to everything from cookies to brownies.

Colorful molded sugar decorations help make holiday treats “Fancy in a Flash.” Your holiday sweets table will look like Candy Cane Lane when your treats are topped with these fun Candy Balls sprinkles. Great to add to cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more.

Put a little twinkle on holiday cupcakes, cookies and candies with these Sugar Balls Candy sprinkles.

 These Sugar Sprinklers Candies add a  looks for special cake design.

Comes in a variety of colors

Perfect for cupcakes, mini cakes, jumbo and king-size cupcakes, brownies and cookies

Available in other sizes, Shapes and color

Shape : Balls 2 mm

Color : Multi Color

Quantity : 25 grams

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